5 Tips for Motivation to Start Running


Use the Buddy System

When you're ready to start jogging, bringing a friend along for the ride can help keep your motivation high. Let's face it: It's easy for you to slap that snooze button on a chilly morning and skip your run if it's just yourself you're letting off the hook. But when there's someone waiting for you, chances are good you'll get up and gear up.

If you don't have a neighbor you can run with, check community Web sites for running groups. Who knows -- you just might find a new friend to go with your new, healthier self. Another excellent resource for finding a nearby running partner is Exercisefriends.com, where you can search by zip code and activity for someone to join you on your runs.

If you're feeling a bit shy about asking someone to join you, why not get an online workout friend? Simply search for "online training log" and you'll find dozens of Web sites that let you track your progress, share it with others and get cheered on by a virtual community.

And speaking of friends, don't forget man's best one -- a dog. Taking Scout along for a run not only keeps you company, but it helps him burn off all of that kibble, too.

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