5 Tips for Motivation to Start Running


Put Some Tech in Your Step

While it doesn't take a big gear investment to begin running, there are certainly plenty of toys out there to help you stay motivated. From shirts that practically sponge the sweat from your skin to sneakers that have as much research and development behind them as the space shuttle, why not consider buying yourself a little gift for getting going?

If you're science-minded, you can check out the wide range of heart rate monitors on offer. These measure your pulse while you exercise and help you stay in your target heart rate zone, which means you're working at 50 to 80 percent of your recommended heart rate max (see the American Heart Association Web site for more information). Choices range from basic monitors to those that practically act as electronic personal trainers by tracking calories, calculating new targets based on your current level of fitness, and urging you to speed up or slow down when needed.

Want to use tech to help you get fit, but have a wallet that's already a little lean? No problem. Check out iTunes or the Android store and search for running podcasts or applications. There are loads of choices, and many are free or cost just a few dollars.