5 Tips for Motivation to Start Running


Let the Music Move You

Whether Pink pumps you up or Lady Ga Ga gets you going, knowing what beats move your feet can be the key to running success.

To use music to motivate your workout, think about creating a playlist that truly energizes you. This could be a beat-heavy dance mix or a high-powered blend of rock anthems. Or keep things fresh by loading up your MP3 player with a variety of sounds, push play, and let the music move you.

One of the most effective ways to lose weight while exercising is to do intervals -- high intensity bursts of activity alternated with a less intense pace. So, you could consider choosing songs that carry you along at a steady flow and let you go all out during the chorus.

Music not your thing? Then consider an audiobook or a podcast about a topic that interests you. Both can take your mind off of the effort of exercise, and you get to work your brain as well as your body.