10 Tips for Maintaining Your Motivation to Run


Listen to Music and Use Other Motivational Gadgets

Let the beat move your feet.
Let the beat move your feet.
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Music fuels the fire on a number of levels. It alleviates boredom while distracting you from exhaustion and muscular pains. It allows you to sink into a deeper state and let go of any resistance. According to Peak Performance's Lee Crust, Ethiopia's Haile Gebreselassie set an indoor world record for the 2,000-meter as his favorite tune bellowed from the loud speakers at the Birmingham Indoor Arena. After the race, Gebreselassie commented that the song's beat helped him take home the victory.

For some of us, running is a relaxant: The sound of breathing and the addition of some soothing music centers the mind. For others, running is fast-paced and focuses on burning calories or beating your best time. In this case, choose music that psyches you up and gets your adrenaline pumping.

Many seasoned runners prefer sprinkling their routine with podcasts focused on running. But others simply prefer the sound of their own breath and nature to the tunes of an iPod.

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