Top 5 Tips for Creative Run Workouts

Alternative Workouts

If your knees are a bit sore, or if the weather forecast is predicting heavy snow, you can be forgiven if you think twice before picking up the running shoes. Luckily, there's a world of workout alternatives to match any of your fitness needs.

You might consider adding some wheels to your workout. Skateboards, roller skates and roller blades can help get some wind in your hair. They also make for a smoother ride, which means less injuries. However, roller blades and roller skates will put much more pressure on your ankles, so make sure they're strong enough to support roller-blading roller-skating as your regular workout [source: Brown].

When the weather turns sour, there's always the treadmill or the exercise bike, but if you abhor the idea of running in place, there are several other ways to break a sweat indoors. Enroll in an aerobics or dance class -- even ballroom dancing can give you as much exercise as a run or a bike ride [source: United Press International]. Tae Bo has been the butt of many a joke, but it still remains a grueling cardio workout. Or join a sports team -- minute for minute, playing an aerobic sport such as soccer will actually give you a better workout than jogging [source: University of Copenhagen]. It can be much more fun, too, since you'll be focusing on the game instead of the next hill.

If you've got easy access to a swimming pool, consider taking your jogging routine underwater by becoming an aqua jogger. Simply immerse yourself in the water and run normally, extending your legs and pumping your arms exactly as you would on land [source: Brown]. The water will keep you cool, and the extra resistance will translate into more vigorous exercise -- all without the sore feet.

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