10K Training

10K training requires dedication and a good plan. In this section, read tips on how to make the most of your training.

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Top 10 Training Tips for a 10K

For many runners, finishing the 10K is a true landmark. It designates a dramatic improvement over the beginner-length 5K and represents some serious distance. So how do you become race-ready in just a few short months?

How to Train for Your First 10K

Though it may seem like a long run, the 10k isn't something out of reach, even if you're just getting started running. But don't hit the pavement without getting your body ready for the effort first.

How Advanced 10K Training Works

You've mastered the 10K, now you're ready to compete. But running to complete the race is different from running to win it. How do you change your training habits to help you compete?

How Intermediate 10K Training Works

If you've already run a 10K at the beginner level -- just to finish -- now you can prepare to run another one and improve your time. What should you expect in an intermediate 10K training schedule?