Top 10 Marathon Training Tips


Psyche Yourself Up

Today is not your day. Maybe work is making you crazy. Maybe you step out of the door only to be blasted by blistering heat and choking humidity. Or it could be the reverse: foul rain and freezing temperatures. Maybe you had a terrible run yesterday and you're afraid that a repeat experience will drive you to run your bib number and training schedule through the nearest shredder.

It's easy to psych yourself out. You tell yourself you'll skip today and catch up later in the week. Before you know it, you've missed a week's worth of crucial training.

Running a marathon is a classic test of physical endurance, but it's also an immense mental challenge. On days when you're your own worst enemy, a personal mantra can help. Picture that medal, cool and solid, against your chest.

In a perfect world, the pep talk you've given yourself will send you shooting off on your run like a cannon. If you still find yourself struggling with negative thoughts, however, our next training tip offers a few tricks that will help you go the distance.