How the Seal Beach 10K Works

Seal Beach 5K/10K Route

The Seal Beach event has two different courses: a 10K and a 5K.

The starting line of the 10K race is located at the intersection of First Street and Marina Drive. Once the starting pistol sounds, waves of runners make their way down First Street. They turn left on Ocean Avenue and head toward Seal Beach Boulevard. Along the way, they cross the Pacific Coast Highway, which is considered to be one of America's most scenic roads.

From there, runners make a left on Westminster Boulevard en route to the San Gabriel River Bed. They turn left onto the River Bed Path and take the exit at Marina Bridge. Then they make a right to get back onto First Street and turn left to enter the final stretch along Ocean Avenue. (Ocean Avenue runs right along the Pacific, giving runners a fantastic seaside view.) Finally, racers sprint to the finish line, which is located at the pier.

The 5K race starts from the same location as the 10K, but its route forms a loop. Runners set off from the corner of First Street and Marina Drive and turn left on Ocean Avenue. They proceed down Ocean to Seal Beach Boulevard, but turn around just before reaching the Pacific Coast Highway and track back via Electric Avenue and Marina Drive to First Street. Then they make their final left turn back onto Ocean Avenue and cross the finish line at the pier. You can look at maps of both races here.

After the race, runners can refuel with water and snacks. Then they can cool down while browsing the wellness booths set up in the park surrounding the pier.