How the Nike+ Human Race Works

Nike+ Human Race Results

Believe it or not, during 2009's Nike+ Human Race, participants ran a combined total of 802,863 miles (1,292,084 kilometers).

After all the stats were uploaded to the Nike+ Human Race Web site and analyzed, rankings showed that the country with the overall best time was Tunisia -- with an average 10K run time of 34 minutes, 2 seconds. The United States came in second with an average of 41 minutes, 11 seconds. Lithuania came in third, with an average of 43 minutes, nine seconds. The country of Panama ranked last, with an average run time of one hour, 51 minutes, 52 seconds.

City rankings came out a bit differently. Rome ranked No. 1, with an average run time of 49 minutes, 21 seconds. Oslo ranked second with an average of 50 minutes, 24 seconds. And third was Milan, with an average time of 51 minutes, 48 seconds. Bringing up the rear in the city rankings was Guangzhou, with an average run time of one hour,16 minutes, 13 seconds.

Who "won" the Nike+ Human race? In the countries categories, the United States runner with the Nike+ username "Bibi017" was the overall No. 1 finisher. His time was 33 minutes, 59 seconds. The No. 1 female finisher was the Japanese runner with username "tychan," with a time of 34 minutes, 40 seconds. Other top finishers came from countries like Canada, Chile and Switzerland.

In the cities category, the male finisher was Nicholas Koech-Kiprutto of Berlin who finished with a time of 28 minutes, 42 seconds. And Rosa Liliana Gody of Buenos Aires finished first for the women with a time of 33 minutes, 10 seconds.

But what about the rest of the runners -- the non-elite runners? How did they train? Nike harnessed its Web site to organize training runs around the world. Additionally, using the Web site, aspiring and experienced runners alike can put together their own training programs. Designed by Nike coaches, training programs are available for beginning runners up to advanced athletes.

Are you interested in running the next Nike+ Human Race? If so, dig into the running training articles below.

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