How the Morristown 5K Works

Morristown 5K Route

The Morristown 5K benefits from a suburban route through parks, large wooded areas and past a few homes. The race starts and ends at Ginty Field and circles around the Loantaka Brook Reservation, an area filled with dense forests and sports fields. While on the run, you'll be taking over the town's asphalt streets as the area is closed to traffic during the race. Near the beginning, you'll run over a few small inclines before hitting a difficult hill right after the first mile, but after that it's fairly level ground [source: Bost].

Being in New Jersey in the middle of March, chances are you will be fighting a bit of weather along the way. In recent years, racers have encountered severe winds, rain and other harsh conditions, making parts of the race even tougher [source: Weather Underground].

In 2010, nearly 1,200 people participated and almost 800 people finished the race, averaging between 25 and 30 minutes to complete it [source: Compuscore, Bost]. The weather didn't help participation in 2010 and, although the race was still run, the parade and other events were cancelled [source: Daily Record].

When the race starts, you'll find yourself in line with everyone else in Ginty Field. Like many races, an electronic system marks when you pass the start and finish line. While it might seem crowded at first, the two-lane road opens up as the race advances and runners divide into different paces. Along the route, you'll be treated to refreshments as well as the occasional onlooker, but, for the most part, the race is run for your own well-being.

Of course, it's not completely for your own benefit -- we'll take a look at how the results are tallied, as well as prizes and different winning categories in the next section.