How Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K Works

Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10K Results

The Monument Avenue 10K attracts serious runners from around the world. While the prize money is not as large as races like the ING New York City Marathon or the Boston Marathon, placing as the 10th biggest road race in the United States is quite an accomplishment.

The current standing race record for the top women's finisher was set in 2007 by Magdalene Makunzi. Her time was 32:24. The men's record was set in 2004 by Reuben Chebii with a time of 28:07. In 2010, 27-year-old Alene Reta from Ethiopia took home the men's title and a prize of $2,000. With a time of 28:26, he beat his 2009 finish by 7 seconds. Monument Avenue newcomer Megan Wright from Canada placed first in the women's category with a time of 33:06. She also took home an award of $2,000. [source: Sports Backers].

The runners who participate in the Richmond-Times Dispatch Dress Up & Run contest deserve to be mentioned here. The energy it takes to run a 10K dressed as a pirate with a paper boat strapped around your waist shouldn't be taken too lightly. In 2010, Leonard Tengco ran as "The Squirrel." His costume included holding a pole with a giant acorn attached to keep him motivated. He took home first prize in the individual/duo category. First place for the group category went to "Rub-A-Dub-Dub," led by Kenneth Mason and friends [source: Sports Backers].

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