How the Houston Rodeo 10K Works

Houston Rodeo 10K Results

The Rodeo 10K attracts some very fast runners who often approach course record speeds.
The Rodeo 10K attracts some very fast runners who often approach course record speeds.

With 5,500 people running frantically during the 10K, race organizers use high-tech products to track each person's time. Runners attach a disposable transponder tag to their race bibs. Electronic pads at the finish line provide an exact finishing time for every runner, although the overall men's and women's winners are timed the old-fashioned way, with a stopwatch and visual confirmation of them crossing the finish line. Because the 5K is a non-competitive event, participants aren't timed.

The 2010 10K featured some fast runners and some familiar faces. In the men's division, Sean Wade, age 41, was the overall winner, with a time of 31:27. Mary Davies, 27, won the women's division with a time of 35:32. Both winners are Houston residents, and this was the first win in this event for Davies.

Wade has won the Rodeo Run a whopping eight times. He first won the race in 1993, when he was 24 years old and finished in 30:44. He also holds the course record of 29:20, which he set in 1995.

Like many races, the Rodeo Run features a Master's division that includes runners age 40 and older. Rudy Rocha, 40, of Baytown, TX, won the men's Master's division in 2010 with his time of 34:19. Carmen Ayala-Troncoso, 50, won the Master's division on the women's side, by running 35:26. Ayala-Troncoso is no stranger to the winner's circle in Houston. She also won in 2005 and 2006, and in 2005, she set the Master's record with a 35:26.

The 2010 men's wheelchair winner was was Juan Rios, of Houston. He finished in 27:08. There were no female wheelchair racers in 2009 or 2010.

If the Rodeo Run 10K sounds sounds like a fun event, you may want to consider hitting Houston for the next event. The most comprehensive site you'll find for the race is at the ConocoPhillips Rodeo Run Web site. You'll see all of the registration and logistical information you'll need to add your name to the long list of race supporters.

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