How the Get In Gear 10K Works

Get in Gear 10K Route

The Get in Gear (GIG) running events start and end at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, Minn., at the intersection of 46th Avenue and West River Parkway. The shorter events (2K and 5K) run mostly along Godfrey and West River parkways. The 10K and half-marathon feature river-side runs, crossing the Mississippi on Lake Bridge into St. Paul, Minn., after about 2.5 miles (4 kilometers), and then crossing back on Ford Bridge during the last half-mile stretch. [source: Get in Gear]

The Minneapolis and St. Paul streets on the routes are blocked off for the runners for part of the race day. Each race begins between 8 and 9:30 a.m., and GIG advises the 10K and half-marathon runners that they have three hours to complete their races before the roads are re-opened to traffic. Aid stations are set up along the longer routes, too, and runners are given their split times at each mile. [source: Get in Gear]

According to the Get in Gear Web site, the elevation for the 10K is mostly flat. At both the 4 km and 9 km marks, there is a sharp decline, short flat stretch and sharp incline, all within about a quarter of a kilometer. These correspond to the bridge crossings over the Mississippi. There's also a gradual incline and decline between the 5 and 6 kilometer marks. The total climb over the course of the race is 366 feet (111 meters), and the total elevation change is 724 feet (221 meters). [source: Get in Gear]

On race day, Minneapolis' high temperatures average in the 50s, with mornings still lingering in the 40s. This may seem a bit chilly if you're just standing around. However, in their blogs, many GIG participants report it to be a pleasant temperature for running. The Minneapolis weather may vary from year to year, too, but the event goes on no matter what. Even on a rainy April 24, 2010, 3,698 runners finished the 10K race, and the corresponding 5K and half-marathon had another 2,682 runners crossing the finish line [source:].

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