How the Edison Festival of Light 5K Works

Edison Festival of Light 5K Results

The race results are tracked by the ChronoTrack D-Tag system, a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that slips into the laces on your shoes and sends a radio signal to a computer when you pass the start and finish lines. This method allows for racers to start at different locations behind the start line without affecting the end race time. You'll also get a race number, which helps ensure all participants are properly registered, to wear on your chest.

Racers are able to enter the 5K as individuals or as a team. If entered as a team, there are a few rules:

  • Teams must be between three and five people, with the top three runners being tallied in the team's overall score.
  • Runners can compete on only one team.
  • Ties are broken by the third place runners' time.

Entry as a team qualifies you not only for the team awards -- which consist of corporate, open, masters, and elementary, middle and high school -- but also for the individual categories.

Other awards are for individual race times. These include the top three males and females overall, male and female masters (ages 40 and up), grandmasters (ages 50 and up) and senior grandmasters (ages 60 and up). The categories offer a bit of leeway when it comes to awards, meaning if you're in your 60s but top someone in his or her 40s, you can still qualify for the masters category.

On top of the monetary awards, a collection of age-related awards exist as well. Starting from 9 and younger and going up in five-year blocks to 70 and older, these awards won't net you any prize money, but they will get you listed on the award pages and help you compare your time against racers of the same age and sex.

After finishing the race, participants can pick up refreshments at the finish line. Afterward, a party and awards ceremony are held in Centennial Park.

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