How the Bucks 5K Series Works

Bucks 5K Series Results

Some runners look to the Bucks 5K Series to jumpstart a fitness program, while more competitive runners set goals for new personal records and train to achieve them. Runners can participate in one race or all seven; as a cumulative series, the more races run, the greater the potential awards.

Bucks 5K Series races use the Chrono D-tag timing system featuring a disposable microchip that's worn on the runner's bib or shoe. Each race gives first, second and third place awards in various age groups. The overall male and female winners and the top age-graded male and female master racers are also recognized.

The first seven men and women in each race will receive points in the overall series standings. In addition, the first seven men and women in each age group in each race will receive points in the age group series standings. Runners must run in at least four races to qualify for the Bucks 5K Series overall championship. A runner's best four finishes determine his or her total series points. If there's a tie, series officials will name co-champions and give out duplicate awards. Series overall, masters overall and age group winners will receive a custom-made Bucks 5K Series tile.

Finishes for the masters are determined by an age-graded ranking that compares the runner's individual performance with the average times in a worldwide database. In addition, every race has a one-mile fun run with awards for all finishers. Runners who register for all seven races receive a moisture-wicking long sleeve tech shirt with the Bucks 5K series logo.

All of the race results, complete series standings and information about the Panera Bread Bucks 5K Series may be found at

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