Running isn't just a pasttime for many; it's an obsession. Running lets you escape the troubles of everyday life and disappear into your own world. In this section, you'll find articles about marathon training, running health and more.

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How Mini-Marathons Work

Around 1 percent of the world's population has run a marathon. What about people who are physically fit -- but not athletes -- who want to run a longer race than the 10K? These three mini-marathons may be the ticket.

How to Train for Your First Marathon

So, you've finally made the plunge -- it's time to start training for your first marathon. Of course, it's no walk in the park. You need to be ready to tackle a distance of 26.2 miles at a steady pace. How do you make sure you cross that finish line?

How Advanced Marathon Training Works

So you've run a few marathons. Big deal -- now it's time to race. If you want to pass that 26.2 mile marker with a better time, you may be ready for an advanced level of training. How can you improve your long-distance running without succumbing to the stress?

How Intermediate Marathon Training Works

If you're an intermediate marathon runner, you're not just running a marathon to cross it off the bucket list. You have a specific goal in mind. How do you train?