Does my ranch truck need an aftermarket bumper?

Front Bumper Brush Guards

You may need an aftermarket bumper if you want to install a large winch on your truck.
You may need an aftermarket bumper if you want to install a large winch on your truck.

Driving across a ranch may mean you'll need to push through undergrowth and small bushes. To prevent these plants from damaging your truck, you may want to purchase a bumper guard. These special frames protect the front of your vehicle as you drive through brush.

There are many different styles of bumper guards. Because trucks come in different shapes and sizes, it's important to choose a bumper specifically made for your type of vehicle. This will ensure that the bumper fits on the front of your truck properly. It should protect your truck's grill and headlights without obscuring them.


Some bumper guards extend several inches in front of the truck, while others have enough space to accommodate a winch or tow hooks. There are bumpers for every type of truck and every budget -- you can find bumpers priced from the low $300 range to more than $600.

Depending on the type of bumper you've chosen, mounting it on your truck may require special tools. You may even need to remove your truck's grill before removing the stock bumper. Of course, you'll need to remove the bolts holding the bumper in place before removing it, and your new bumper may require you to drill new mounting holes before you can attach it to your truck. The process varies depending on the year, make and model of your truck and the aftermarket bumper you select, too.

If the land you work has a lot of brush or you're concerned about protecting the front end of your truck, a brush guard is a good investment. It will prevent damage and reduce the need for repairs.

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