Top 5 Off-Roading Destinations

1. Adena, Ohio (Rumble on the Ridge)

Adena, Ohio is the site of Rumble on the Ridge, an off-roading site that features over 27 miles of trails.


2. Harlan County, Kentucky (Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Park)

Black Mountain Off-Roading Adventure Park in Harlan County, Kentucky offers three different off-roading trails including the Black Mountain Area, Little Shepherd Trail and Hensley Settlement.

3. Oliver Springs, Tennessee (Coal Creek OHV Area)

Coral Creek OHV area in Oliver Springs, Tennessee offers a wide variety of trails including gravel trails, mountainous trails and packed clay trails.

4. Attica, Indiana (Badlands Off-Road Park)

Badlands Off-Road Park in Attica, Indiana offers guided trails as well as private outings.

5. West Virginia (Hatfield & McCoy Trails)

Hatfield-McCoy Trails in West Virginia is quite extensive; it offers trails for nearly every ability level.