This hunting section provides information on responsible hunting, hunting methods, hunting clubs and handling game. This hunting guide will teach you about the various ideals held by hunters, then you can decide how you would like to approach hunting.

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How Party Hunting Works

Just about everything is more fun when done in a group. So it seems like group hunting or fishing is a no-brainer. However, a specific type of group hunting, called party hunting, is very controversial -- and is even illegal in some states.

What is the public image of hunters?

When someone asks you to visualize a hunter, what does your minds eye conjure? Is it a dour-faced, burly man dressed from head to toe in camouflage, holding a rifle in one hand and a dead animal in the other?

How to Properly Dispose of Dead Animals

You may have had a wildly successful hunt, but your work isn't done quite yet. Do you have any idea what to do with the remains of that massive buck in the back of your pickup? We didn't think so.

How Tree Stands Work

You might think hunting generally takes place on foot, but tree stands let hunters stealthily pursue their quarry from above. How can these structures allow you to get your game?

What are the pros and cons of taxidermy?

You've bagged a 10-point buck on your latest hunting trip and you're excited to hang it above the mantel. Looks like it's time to call your local taxidermist.

How the Alabama Waterfowl Association Works

Alabama's wetlands are disappearing, which leaves no place for waterfowl to do what they do best -- float. What does this association for aquatic birds do to protect their precious habitats?

How the Northeast Big Buck Club Works

If you're looking for some legitimate recognition for the buck's head you have mounted on your living room wall, then consider joining this club. Its members are serious about measuring bucks.

How to Set Up a Tree Stand

Tree stands are important tools for hunters to help them get the right angle for a kill. But they can be dangerous if you don't set them up correctly. How can you avoid a serious fall?

Top 5 Tips for Safe Hunting

Hunting can be a dangerous activity. The hunter carries a weapon, the game might turn violent and there are other hazards, too. So what's the best way for a hunter to avoid trouble?

How Predator Hunting Works

Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted. That's what predator hunting is all about: turning the tables on natural-born killers. Is it a public service?

What's considered big game?

Big game hunting is big business. Whether it's deer and turkeys a few miles from the hunter's home, or lions and wildebeest on an African safari, millions of people hunt big game for the risk, thrill and prospect of one seriously impressive trophy.

What is still hunting?

Still hunting isn't what it sounds like. It's actually about as different as can be from sitting tight in a tree stand. So what is still hunting, and why do you need a compass, map and orienteering skills worthy of Davy Crockett to do it right?

How is the deer population counted?

Traditional deer-count methods seem pretty primitive; some even rely on counting roadkills. But there's a new approach to counting deer that can produce up to 100 percent accuracy. What military technology has been adapted to count deer?

Why can you only hunt certain game in certain seasons?

The opening day of hunting season is a big deal for sport hunter. After all, they don't get to hunt whenever they want to. But what determines the dates of hunting seasons, and why do they differ from animal to animal?

What's so bad about fox hunting?

Hounds, horseback riders and the hunt -- in Great Britain, this is what foxes are for. At least, until a controversial act banning fox hunting was enacted. Why the hullabaloo?

What is considered unfair hunting?

It's no surprise that hunting -- because it involves killing -- is a controversial sport. However, there are some practices -- canned, Internet and baited hunting -- that are considered unfair. But others believe these methods offer increased safety.

How Ducks Unlimited Works

Ducks Unlimited has a rich history that started with very humble beginnings during one of the country's worst periods. It's grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the world's most recognized conservation organizations. So what do they do?

How to Conserve Hunting Habitats

More and more, the country has ever-sprawling suburbs that are cutting into natural preserves of land where animals make their home. Hunters, big game enthusiasts and admirers of the natural world are directly affected by this ever-shrinking scenery.

How Fair Chase Hunting Works

The debate over hunting goes way back. While activists and sportsmen will probably be in dispute for years to come, there are steps being taken to make this sport as ethical as possible. That's the idea behind fair chase hunting.

What's a controlled hunt?

Controlled hunts can go by other names, but whatever you call them, the idea is to limit the number of hunters allowed to participate and put restrictions on the amount of game that can be killed.

How Hunting Leases Work

With public land in short supply, hunting leases are becoming more common every year. While the concept of a hunting lease is pretty basic, the details of one are anything but. What should you include? And what should you charge?

How Rifle Hunting Works

For many sportsmen, rifle hunting is a source of personal achievement. But there's more to it than simply firing into a forest. Several factors must be considered, including the type of gun you choose, ammunition, preparedness and ethics.

How Women in the Outdoors Works

Whether you or someone you know is an avid lover of the outdoors or doesn't know a rifle from a fishing pole, check out Women in the Outdoors for a new and exciting opportunity to connect with nature.

How Deer Baiting Works

You leave a pile of food near a hunting blind with the hope of attracting deer. In the minds of some sportsman, this is an ideal hunting technique -- but to others, it's an unethical method that gives people an unfair advantage over animals.

How Food Plots Work

Have you ever put a feeder in your yard so you could attract different birds to your property? That's the same basic idea behind planting a food plot, although the animals that come to feed are much bigger.