How Tree Stands Work

Transporting Tree Stands

­If you're not hunting from a permanent tree stand, you'll need to lug you­r portable stand around every time you go hunting. Once you get it into the woods, you'll probably need to move it a few times before you find a suitable location. Smaller stands, like hang-on stands, climbing tree stands and climbing sticks are very lightweight and easy to move from place to place simply by carrying them over your back or in a bag [source: Wilson].

Heavier or bulkier tree stands like ladder stands aren't so easy to move around, although they may be easier and less time-consuming to put up. To transport your ladder stand you may need the help of a few hunting buddies to navigate your way through the trees, and to assemble and disassemble the stand.

No matter what kind of stand you're using, be careful and pay attention when putting it together and taking it apart. Incomplete assembly of a tree stand may lead to a serious fall from dozens of feet in the air.

Now when you take your nature walks, you will no longer be confused as to what those contraptions in the trees are. You might even have enough knowledge to join your neighbors in their tree stand hunting adventures.

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