How Tree Stands Work

Tree Stand Accessories

Alth­ough hunting from a tree stand allows you to perch above the terrain and observe nature from another perspective, the trip from the ground up to the stand platform is often the most dangerous part of a hunting trip. For this reason, many tree stand accessories are safety devices aimed at ensuring that your hunting experience is injury-free. But tree stand accessories also focus on improving your chances of getting a buck in your sights.

­Safety first -- unless you are using a ladder stand, climbing sticks are helpful tools to have with you. Climbing sticks make it easier for hunters to go up and down trees to and from their stands by providing small steps on the trunk of the tree. In addition to climbing sticks, it's always a good idea to bring along a safety hoist, rope or line and a harness. In addition, you should never carry your weapon with you while climbing to and from your stand. Using a hoist and line will allow you to focus on getting up to the tree stand and, after you safely scurried onto the platform, retrieve your weapon.

Once you're up in the tree stand, the next challenge is keeping still, aware and remaining undetected by your prey for a long time. Shooting rails, cam holders and gun or bow holders will help you keep your aim steady. Skirts, roofs and additional camouflage will help you remain visually unobserved. To keep noise to a minimum, many hunters use cough silencers and bring along a small roll of carpet to suppress the shuffling of feet. Some even use urinal bags to avoid making noisy trips up and down the tree [source: Tree Stand Info].

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