How Hunting with Dogs Works

Arguments in Favor of Hunting with Dogs

The debate over the morality of using dogs for hunting doesn't come up as often a­s other issues surrounding hunting, but that doesn't mean there aren't strong arguments for both sides. Supporters view the method as morally sound and believe it should be their right to use dogs.

The most common argument in favor of hunting is population control. Hunting with dogs can help a hunter successfully bag an overpopulated animal. If successful population control is the overall goal, what does it matter how the animals are hunted? Shouldn't hunters use the most successful method available?

Dogs track animals more easily than humans do. They bring the prey into close range, giving the hunter a clear shot. Most hunters believe the kill should be quick and clean, and getting a clear shot helps them hit the prey in the specific target area to achieve a more humane death.

Dogs are exposed to the elements when they participate in hunting, but a good owner can watch over a canine companion, keeping close watch over any changes in behavior or indications of harm.

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