How Hunting with Dogs Works

Strategy for Hunting with Dogs

We'v­e gone over the different types of dogs used in hunting, but how exactly does hunting with a dog work?

The following four categories are the most common forms of hunting:

  • Sight hunting: Dogs are especially useful in sight hunting because the game has yet to be discovered. It's known to be in the area, but hasn't often come into open view. The aid of a dog's sense of smell could reduce the amount of time it takes to locate prey.
  • Stand hunting: Dogs aren't as useful in stand hunting (a common method of deer hunting), in which the hunter picks a location and waits there for animals to expose themselves.
  • Stalking: Hunters track down an animal that they can see but is too far away for a clean shot. They slowly move toward it, trying not to be seen or heard. A dog might not be the best companion here because it may not be quiet enough.
  • Driving: A group of hunters will intentionally make noise in hopes of scaring their game and forcing it out into the open. This method is very appropriate for hunting with dogs [source: the Hunting Dog].

Dogs don't just magically become great hunters -- you have to train them. Check out the next page for tips on training hunting dogs.