How Hunting Blinds Work

Transporting Hunting Blinds

­You either move hunting blinds or­ you don't. Permanent blinds and towers will ­stay in their location until you choose to disassemble them (or as laws permit). The good thing about most modern blinds is that they are easily portable.

Pop-up blinds usually come with a custom carrying case for easy transportation. They can weigh between 6 and 25 pounds (3 to 11 kilograms) and can be set up in just a few minutes. Other portable blinds come with backpacks or attachment rings for hauling. You can move these items to your hunting location in your vehicle or ATV.

If you're moving your hunting blind around, it's important to remember to bring only what you can feasibly handle. You'll be bringing along all of your hunting gear, food, water and any additional supplies you may need. Try to find a hunting blind that won't break your back.

Now that you've learned about blinds, try taking some along or building your own on your next hunting trip. They can increase your chances of hitting a target by offering you a safe, quiet place to stalk. And, if all else fails, they also provide a nice place for a nap. Happy hunting.

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