How Hunting ATVs Work

Hunting ATV Accessories

Walk through­ any sporting goods store and you'll realize that hunters are very serious about their gear. Not too many other people would want to buy deer urine. And there are some amazing accessories available for hunting ATVs. Let's look at some of the options:

  • Camouflage finish
  • Hard-sided cases for bows and firearms
  • Cargo boxes or bags
  • ATV windshields
  • Front and rear shocks to increase ground clearance and traction
  • GPS devices
  • Heated handgrips for the handlebars
  • Covers for protection from the elements
  • Trailers for towing
  • ATV accessories like cultivators, seeders, disk plows and spreaders
  • Open- or closed-face ATV helmets
  • Kits to help protect the underbelly of an ATV, namely the skid plates, A-arms and rear differential
  • Camouflage fender and seat covers

To find out what some ATV users are doing to make their rides quieter, read the next section.