How Hunting ATVs Work

Why Hunters Use ATVs

Hunters like ATVs because they make hunting easier. Hunting ATVs have high ground clearance, front and/or back racks and a scabbard (the protective holder f­or rifles and shotguns). Hunters typically carry an array of gear, and many models offer extra storage.

ATVs open up remote areas that hunters wouldn't be able to reach on their own or in another vehicle. Much smaller than pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles and 4x4s, ATVs can access trails that large vehicles can't touch. They leave the others in the dust or stuck in a ditch somewhere.

ATVs are like army mules -- they carry heavy-duty gear so soldiers don't have to. If you're a hunter, think about the equipment you use on a hunt. Your list probably includes a weapon, ammunition, food and water, a heater or perhaps even equipment to make a blind. One hunter can transport a 10.5-foot (3.2 meter) platform (complete with a shooting house on top of it and a swivel seat) to his hunting site via his ATV. Imagine transporting all of that gear on foot.

But there's an even bigger advantage to using an ATV. ATVs allow successful hunters to take their kill with them. Without the extra load capacity of an ATV, hunters sometimes would be forced to leave a large kill behind temporarily, or even cut it into sections to get it back to camp. Coyotes or other scavengers are an ever-present threat to the remaining carcass. With an ATV, hunters need little more than a rope to drag their trophy back to their truck or camp.

If you're seriously considering buying an ATV, you might want to know more about the accessories available. Take out your notepad and move onto the next section to learn more.