How Hunting Licenses Work

Applying for Hunting Licenses

The ap­plication process for hunting licenses varies from state to state. Generally, it involves the hunter visiting the Department of Conservation or Natural Resources, or locating a license agent. These days, many states have online applications that speed up the process. Your local conservation group's Web site is your best bet for finding the necessary information.

­When you go to apply for a license, be sure to bring a driver's license or photo ID with you. Some states might even require that you complete a hunter's safety course at least once in your lifetime before they'll approve your application. Courses are offered at a variety of times and are usually inexpensive.

Here's how the citizens of one state can go about tracking down their hunting licenses: Residents of California can contact the Department of Game and Fish for further information and application details. If they prefer to talk to someone in person, they can use the Web site to locate an agent or the nearest Department of Game and Fish office. Many states have a similar process [source: California Department of Game and Fish].

Once you're sure you've located the appropriate license and fulfilled all the requirements, you should be all set. Now that you've got the right license, visit the links below to learn more about hunting.

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