How Hunting with Respect for Life Works

By: Simon Shadow

Arguments Against Hunting with Respect for Life

One of the biggest argu­ments against hunting with respect for life is actually an argument against hunting as a sport and not this particular viewpoint. Humans used to hunt out of necessity to feed and clothe their families. Today, we can buy our food from stores and purchase clothes whenever we need them. So the question becomes: Why do we still hunt?

Arguments against hunting with respect for life and hunting in general include:


  • Sportsmen who hunt for the thrill of the kill bring out large numbers of men, women and youth who have little or no experience hunting. This makes wild lands dangerous to non-hunters and hunters alike. Every year, deer season brings with it news reports of accidental shootings and deaths [source: CASH].
  • Killing animals can damage the social structure of animal society [source: Balluch].
  • Hunters can use unethical means to hunt -- baiting, hounding and predator-calling -- to easily lure animals [source: API].
  • Studies show that bow hunting is often an unreliable means of hunting. One out of two animals shot with a bow will die painfully and slowly from the wounds [source: API].
  • Hunting can increase disease by killing healthy animals and those with natural disease immunities [source: WebWire].
  • Hunters use high-powered weaponry to hunt, which negates any opportunity of a fair fight [source: Balluch].

As we've learned, there are good arguments for and against hunting with respect for life. But when it comes to animal rights, there's one voice that tends to stand out. Read on to learn how PETA feels about hunting with respect for life.