Hunting Principles

Hunting principles include fair chase hunting and hunting with respect for life. By learning about the various hunting principles, you will be able to think over the different arguments and decide where you stand on the issues.

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Deer jumping across the road can be serious hazards for drivers. So what's the best way to prevent it from happening? Should more people go hunting?

By Dave Roos

When someone asks you to visualize a hunter, what does your minds eye conjure? Is it a dour-faced, burly man dressed from head to toe in camouflage, holding a rifle in one hand and a dead animal in the other?

By Vivien Bullen

Hunting can be a dangerous activity. The hunter carries a weapon, the game might turn violent and there are other hazards, too. So what's the best way for a hunter to avoid trouble?

By Jonathan Strickland


Hounds, horseback riders and the hunt -- in Great Britain, this is what foxes are for. At least, until a controversial act banning fox hunting was enacted. Why the hullabaloo?

By Molly Edmonds

It's no surprise that hunting -- because it involves killing -- is a controversial sport. However, there are some practices -- canned, Internet and baited hunting -- that are considered unfair. But others believe these methods offer increased safety.

By Vivien Bullen

More and more, the country has ever-sprawling suburbs that are cutting into natural preserves of land where animals make their home. Hunters, big game enthusiasts and admirers of the natural world are directly affected by this ever-shrinking scenery.

By Rosalind Jackson

The debate over hunting goes way back. While activists and sportsmen will probably be in dispute for years to come, there are steps being taken to make this sport as ethical as possible. That's the idea behind fair chase hunting.

By Vivien Bullen


While some hunters hold a deep respect for the animals and try to make the process quick and painless, others may not be as concerned with the well-being of their prey. So how do you hunt with respect for life?

By Simon Shadow