What are the pros and cons of taxidermy?

Arguments in Favor of Taxidermy

There's no denying that taxiderm­y is a popular practice -- demand has remained steady for decades. You've probably seen dozens of perfectly preserved animals on the walls of homes, bars, restaurants and lodges.

Taxidermists take their jobs quite seriously -- like many other professions, taxidermy has a code of ethics. This code helps maintain an industry standard. Taxidermists must keep all necessary licenses in good standing; advise clients of conservation and game laws; present fair, clearly defined service rates; and refuse to alter or falsify trophy characteristics [source: Taxidermy].

­Taxidermy fans view it as a way to honor the animals and commemorate an impressive hunting expedition. And remember that the artist had nothing to do with the actual killing. Animals that go to the taxidermist have already died, whether death was caused naturally or by hunting.

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