How Women in the Outdoors Works

Joining Women in the Outdoors

­Whether you want to hunt, fish, find recipes, build projects o­r just have some good old fashioned girl time, WITO might be what you're looking for. Membership is available to women age 14 years and older (minors will need written permission from a guardian to participate in events). The median age of event participants is 38, and there are opportunities for women from all walks of life [source: WITO].

Memberships are available for purchase for about $30 per year and include a membership card, a logo-covered stainless steel mug, a decal and a subscription to WITO magazine [source: NWTF]. Membership also includes complete access to the WITO Web site.

Special events are held year round in different areas, and members can go if they chose. Attendance requires a paid registration that often includes lodging, meals and transportation when applicable. Local registrants pay a reduced fee [source: WITO]. Members are also encouraged to plan their own events. Creativity and enthusiasm can lead to all sorts of new activities.

Whether you or someone you know is an avid lover of the outdoors or doesn't know a rifle from a fishing pole, you might want to check out WITO to get excited about nature.

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