How Women in the Outdoors Works

Mission of Women in the Outdoors

As with all organizations, presenting clear goals is a crucial element to attracting participants, which is why W­ITO states its mission and goals clearly:


  • Provide interactive educational outdoor opportunities for women.
  • Conserve wild turkey.
  • Preserve the tradition of wild turkey hunting [source: PAWITO].

Goals and Objectives:

  • Teach the importance of responsible wildlife management.
  • Increase outdoor activities participation.
  • Preserve hunting traditions.
  • Introduce and involving women in outdoor activities.
  • Create and mentoring female outdoor educators.
  • Provide a network for men and woman to share outdoor interests [source: PAWITO].

­WITO builds on its success by publishing a magazine of the same name and maintaining a Web site. The quarterly magazine is 80 pages long and contains articles on many outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, health, kayaking, gardening and bird watching, to name a few. If it's related to the outdoors, it's in there. And if not, you can often find the information you need on the Web site's message boards [source: WITO Magazine].

Ready to sign up? Read on to learn how to join WITO.