How Wild Wilderness Works

Mission of Wild Wilderness

This grassroots organization has three major purposes: to advocate, educate and c­ommunicate [source: Wild Wilderness]. The group defines "wilderness values" as solitude, naturalness, inspiration and challenge, and seeks to protect and enhance those virtues. The people whose interests in these values are being protected include mountaineers, bird-watchers, stream anglers, hikers and backcountry skiers. The organization emphasizes non-motorized recreation and opposes the development of wild areas [source: Wild Wilderness].

­To further its goal of educating and communicating, the organization maintains a Web site, developed in 1997, when the group moved from a local to a national agenda. On that site, a collection of factual articles and data sheets has been posted to provide objective material for those who are interested in this issue. The goal of the group's Web site is that recreation associations and environmental organizations, as well as journalists, will make use of it as a guide. The Web site also draws readers' attention to pending legislation and the work of lobbyists representing interests that would develop wilderness areas. It encourages activism among citizens to combat the commercializing of our nation's natural heritage [source: Wild Wilderness].

The group opposes "pay-to-play" fees in wilderness areas and urges civil disobedience in regard to paying fees. They recommend that their "No trail fee$" stickers, which are offered free of charge on the Web site, be displayed in car windshields in place of official stickers [source: Wild Wilderness].

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