How the South Carolina Waterfowl Association Works

Joining the South Carolina Waterfowl Association

Joining the South Carolina Waterfowl Association is easy. Though almost 90 pe­rcent of wildlife conservation programs across the country are supported by hunters, only 5 percent of the population hunts, and the numbers are decreasing. The association puts emphasis on memberships and volunteering as very important aspects of programs like the SCWA, that must be maintained to continue to preserve and enhance our natural resources [source: Wieliki].

­Interested individuals can join at any of six different SCWA member levels, each with different fees including a lifetime membership that can be paid over the course of five years. Corporate memberships are also available and interested parties are asked to call the SCWA for more information [source: SCWA].

SCWA membership comes with benefits like hatpins and decals, the South Carolina Waterfowl Association quarterly magazine, plaques, tickets to local chapter dinners and invitations to locally sponsored events.

Local chapter volunteers are able to participate in the Wood Duck Project (under the direction of the chapter chairperson) by installing and maintaining nest boxes. The Youth Waterfowl Hunting Program requires volunteers to help with hunter safety presentations and guide young hunters through a duck hunt.

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