How the South Carolina Waterfowl Association Works

South Carolina Waterfowl Association Mission

David Wieliki's love of waterfowl began long before he founded the SCWA. It started the very first time he and his father went duck hunting together. Though they didn't shoot any ducks, seeing a large brace land on the water in front ­of him instilled a lifelong appreciation of nature and love of the outdoors in the young boy [source: Wieliki].

The South Carolina Waterfowl Association is made up of a full staff of specialists, technicians and wetland and waterfowl biologists collaborating with more than 600 landowners. Everyone works together for "the wise management and use of our natural resources to provide maximum sustainable benefits from these resources to future generations of mankind" [source: Idealist].

Conservation through education is one of the ways the South Carolina Waterfowl Association informs people about wildlife and wildlife conservation. Through programs like the International Youth Waterfowl Education Center, the SCWA is able to reach out to thousands of boys and girls throughout South Carolina. Camp Woodie, a summer waterfowl and wildlife youth camp, offers hands-on conservation education and youth hunting programs every summer.

You don't have to be from South Carolina to join the South Carolina Waterfowl Association. You don't even have to open your wallet if you don't want to. Read on to find out how to help the South Carolina Waterfowl Association achieve its goals.