How Quail Unlimited Works

Joining Quail Unlimited

Still­ mulling over whether Quail Unlimited is for you? Here's some specific information on what membership with QU means.

­Quail Unlimited is a membership organization. Most members are associated with one or more of the group's "covey" of local chapters, but there are also members-at-large. Individual chapters raise most of the funds for local conservation projects by organizing events such as banquets and sporting clay-shooting contests. In addition, the national organization sponsors several events, like the annual Celebrity Quail Hunt and the annual QU Bass Pro Shops National Sporting Clays Tournament [source: Quail Unlimited].

Individuals may join at the annual membership rate of $30 (the youth rate, for those under 18 years of age, is $10), sponsor two youths with a Mentor Membership ($50) or join at the Sentry, Sponsor or Life Membership levels. All members receive a year's subscription to the organization's bimonthly magazine, as well as a complementary subscription to Gundog, Wildfowl, or Petersen's Hunting magazine. Members can also take advantage of values offered by some of Quail Unlimited's numerous corporate partners. For example, QU members may receive discounts on purchases of Kubota tractors, Land Pride tillers, seeders and discs, power tools from ECHO, sprayers from Wylie and tires from Tire Kingdom [source: Quail Unlimited].

As a member of QU, you will receive access to a national network of like-minded people who work to maintain the quail population, game conditions and hunting opportunities. If you believe membership is the best option for you, visit the organization's Web site or contact QU for further information. You certainly have a good basic knowledge now for whatever you want to pursue.

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