How Pheasants Forever Works

Mission of Pheasants Forever

Anderson's simple plea went a long way in establishing the current mission of Ph­easants Forever. A mission statement is incredibly important to a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the work of protecting limited natural resources. In this section, you will learn about the vision behind the PF mission.

­Crafted after the work and vision of conservationist Aldo Leopold, the mission of PF draws on Leopold's words as a basis for viewing wildlife and land. Using public awareness campaigns, education and effective, localized land management policies, PF seeks to save pheasant and other wildlife populations through habitat improvement and conservation efforts.

In an effort to live the writings of Leopold, who is "considered to be the father of wildlife management," PF has developed an education program as a means to educate the public on conservation issues [source: The Aldo Leopold Foundation]. All funds raised for this program stay within local communities, and at a time when state budget cuts and wildlife resources and funding is decreasing, this vision could be very beneficial.

Now that you know PF's mission, are you interested in learning more about your local chapter? Continue reading to find out how to join the group.