How the NRA Works

Joining the NRA
A model walks the runway during the NRA Concealed Carry Fashion Show on Aug. 25, 2017 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. JOSHUA LOTT/AFP/Getty Images

So, what is the NRA all about? Let's quote from the NRA's own membership webpage: "The NRA is America's preeminent gun rights organization, made up of nearly five million members. Together, we fight and win the toughest battles for the Second Amendment, all while offering the best firearms educational programs in the country.

Every day, the NRA fights back against politicians, judges, and bureaucrats who want to regulate, restrict, and ultimately, destroy your Second Amendment freedom."

As you can see, defending the Second Amendment is the NRA's primary mission, while other activities are secondary. If you agree with the NRA's mission and goals, joining is as simple as going to its website and filling out the online application. There are distinctions of membership to choose from:

  • One-, two-, three- or five-year memberships (2018 fees range from $40-$140)
  • Life membership (2018 cost is $1,500)
  • Associate membership
  • Youth membership

The NRA lists the following benefits for its members:

  • "24/7 defense of your gun rights"
  • Subscription to an NRA magazine of the member's choice
  • Membership card and decal
  • A $7,500 Gun Owner Protection Plan insurance policy

You also get to choose a thank-you gift, which may be a duffel bag, a cap or a knife — but no gun.

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