How the Northeast Big Buck Club Works

Mission of the Northeast Big Buck Club

The Northeast Big Buck Club (NBBC) has three major purposes. First, it celebrates the outdoor and hunting traditions of the region. Secondly, it represents and organizes outdoorsmen and hunters in the Northeast with a view toward conservation, safety in the field, local community service and educatiĀ­on. Finally, the club exists to preserve for coming generations the traditions and memories of hunting and to offer them the chance to enjoy everything the outdoors offers.

To carry out this mission, the club has official recordkeeping services for those who harvest whitetail bucks legally. The group offers training for those who want to assist in measuring, using the Boone and Crockett system.

Trained measurers assess the deer in the harvest categories of sheds, pickup/acquire, muzzleloader, gun and bow. Deer can be typical or non-typical, from any state. Deer with official scoresheets from other accepted organizations are also fine. The club maintains a record book, and an entry fee is required. The fee, however, also includes a one-year supporting membership and subscription to the group's official magazine, Northeast Big Buck News [source: Northeast Big Buck Club].

The NBBC also holds the Classic -- the region's largest organized deer rack/mount display. Drawings are held, and prizes and awards for submitted racks are presented.

The mission of the club includes education, which is accomplished in part through a magazine, Big Bucks. The publication features news, photos, records and statistics, and prints six issues every year. Articles by Jeff Brown, the group's co-founder and president, appear regularly. The magazine makes recommendations as to the best places in each state to hunt, depending on the hunter's individual goals. For example, you may be looking for locations with the largest bucks or those counties that are best for gun trophy deer. Another article discusses the best places in each state for bow hunting.