How the Northeast Big Buck Club Works

History of the Northeast Big Buck Club

Compared to many hunting clubs, the Northeast Big Buck Club (NBBC) is a relatively young group -- it hasn't yet developed a deep history. The club was start­ed in 1996 by Bob Fontaine and Jeff Brown. Brown now serves as president while Fontaine has taken the role of supporting membership director.

­The not-for-profit organization is operated by a group of nine officers and directors and a deep network of volunteers -- more than 150 members assist with measuring in seven Northeast states. The states that make up the club's Northeast are Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. Outside of these states, the group has supporting members spanning throughout Canada and the United States [source: Northeast Big Buck Club].

The year after the NBBC was launched, Brown and Tim Lajoie created CamoKidz, a program to encourage young people to participate in outdoor sports and activities. The group remained under the auspices of the NBBC until the year 2000 when it branched out on its own [source: Zoominfo].

Not a bad record for a comparatively young group. What about its mission and goals?