How the Northeast Big Buck Club Works

Buck standing on grassy hillside.
Buck standing on grassy hillside.
Jason Hosking/Photographers Choice/Getty Images

Whether you ­live in the northeast United States or elsewhere, if you're passionate about hunting whitetail deer, you might want to check into this club. The Northeast Big Buck Club (NBBC) appeals to a wide variety of hunters. Members range from hunters experimenting with traditional methods like bow hunting to those content with their trusted rifles or shotguns.

Although it's a fairly recent addition to the big buck clubs around the United States and Canada, this club follows a long heritage. Many states and provinces have their own big buck clubs, which celebrate the principles of fair chase, good sportsmanship and conservation. This club likewise cleaves to these principles and unites hunters in a relatively small geographic area. The club works with state groups to support these aims.

The group adheres to the rigorous measurement standards of Crockett and Boone in scoring the biggest buck. In addition to keeping and publishing records, the NBBC maintains a presence at regional hunting shows and expos.

­The NBBC is an all-volunteer group, which translates to savings for members. Local deer hunters are trained in measuring and scoring. The NBBC also reviews and recommends high quality hunting and fishing outfitters. In this way, it seeks to spare sportsmen the disappointment and expense of discovering too late that the "trip of a lifetime" can turn into a nightmare. The NBBC Outfitter Review and Certification program examines and rates outfitters according to several criteria: Trophy potential, guides, food and lodging, stands and price value are among them.

Membership includes several benefits, including partner organization discounts. Before signing on the dotted line, however, perhaps you'd like to know a bit more about this group. Where did it begin and why?