How Ducks Unlimited Works

Joining Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited offers many ways to join or support waterfowl and wetland conservation. If want to support this cause but don't have any spare pocket change, there a­re numerous opportunities.

Volunteer -- Duck lovers and conservationists can support DU by volunteering. More than 60,000 DU volunteers hold more than 4,000 fund raising events that increase awareness and support for the DU vision. You can volunteer at a local chapter or promote DU as a government affairs team member, university chapter volunteer or a wildlife art auction specialist.

Become a sponsor -- Become a Ducks Unlimited sponsor and make tax deductable monthly donations at varying levels.

Duck factory rescue -- Through donations and donation matching, DU is purchasing easements in the Prairie Pothole Region to permanently protect this important nesting area.

Greenwing memberships -- These memberships are for youth ages 17 and under. Kids receive decals, certificates, magazine subscriptions and access to special sections of the website.

Subscribe -- Adult members can join DU for a small annual contribution and will receive a membership card, decals, magazine subscription and access to members only sections of the website.

Get an acre of wetlands -- For a donation of $250.00, DU will turn it into a wetland acre (.4 hectare). You can save an acre in different areas across North America.

Attend -- Go to a DU event in your state or anywhere across the country. Thousands of DU events are held each year.

Easements -- Donate a conservation easement to DU.

If you find yourself passionate about conservation, consider joining a group such as Ducks Unlimited. For more information, visit the links below.

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