How the Alabama Waterfowl Association Works

Joining the Alabama Waterfowl Association

The Alabama Waterfowl Association (AWA) is a nonprofit organization supported by 25 volunteers and 845 members [source: EPA]. Joining the AWA is easy, ­and Alabama state residence is not required. Membership rates are based on the following different types of membership:

  • Kids in Waterfowling and Conservation (KWAC)
  • Regular Membership
  • Marsh Sponsor
  • Corporate/Foundation Sponsor

Memberships range from $10 to $1,000. Every member pledge receives an AWA decal and quarterly AWA Report. Membership fees are considered tax-deductible contributions and are used by the association to further its work of restoring North American waterfowl populations. Projects like the Mud Creek Watershed Restoration Project show how the AWA is working to restore wetland and upland properties to healthy conditions [source: AWA].

­Alabama has lost more than half of its original wetland areas, and restoration projects such as the Mud Creek Watershed Restoration Project aid the AWA in returning wetland functions to the region. By restoring the natural functionality of wetlands, these lands have the capability of filtering runoff, which results in improved water quality and increased wildlife and waterfowl habituation [source: AWA].

The AWA tries to do more than maintain natural resources; it helps to provide much needed habitat areas, to recognize and celebrate the historical and cultural events that helped shaped Alabama and volunteers its services and resources in multiple ways.

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