Alternative Hunting Methods

Alternative hunting methods include long-range hunting, deer baiting and hunting on food plots. Alternative hunting methods are typically easier than traditional hunting methods because there are certain tricks which are utilized.


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How Subsistence Hunting Works

Most hunters hunt for sport or trophies, but subsistence hunters hunt to survive. It's not as common as it once was, obviously, but if you live in Alaska, subsistence hunting is still a way of life.

How Long-Range Hunting Works

Can you shoot a deer from more than a mile away? Why yes, yes you can. If you know how long-range hunting works, that is. Why do some people make a fuss about the sport?

How Sport Hunting Works

Hunting purely for sport has long been controversial. Hunters believe they're helping to control a species' population size, while those who oppose the sport feel hunting for recreational purposes -- and a big trophy -- is inappropriate.

How Party Hunting Works

Just about everything is more fun when done in a group. So it seems like group hunting or fishing is a no-brainer. However, a specific type of group hunting, called party hunting, is very controversial -- and is even illegal in some states.

How Predator Hunting Works

Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted. That's what predator hunting is all about: turning the tables on natural-born killers. Is it a public service?

What's a controlled hunt?

Controlled hunts can go by other names, but whatever you call them, the idea is to limit the number of hunters allowed to participate and put restrictions on the amount of game that can be killed.

How Hunting Leases Work

With public land in short supply, hunting leases are becoming more common every year. While the concept of a hunting lease is pretty basic, the details of one are anything but. What should you include? And what should you charge?

How Deer Baiting Works

You leave a pile of food near a hunting blind with the hope of attracting deer. In the minds of some sportsman, this is an ideal hunting technique -- but to others, it's an unethical method that gives people an unfair advantage over animals.

How Food Plots Work

Have you ever put a feeder in your yard so you could attract different birds to your property? That's the same basic idea behind planting a food plot, although the animals that come to feed are much bigger.

How Hunting Preserves Work

Do hunting preserves ensure that there's plenty of land for wild animals to live on, or do they make it easier for people to bag their limit during hunting disease. There are arguments on both sides -- and the answers may surprise you.

How Internet Hunting Works

Hunting season has ended, but you're not ready for it to be over. It used to be there were only two options: play deer-hunting games or participate in simulations online. But now, there's another option: Internet hunting.

How Wolf Hunting Works

Wolves have been hunted throughout history for various reasons. How do people find wolves to hunt, and what kind of equipment do you need?