This hunting section provides information on responsible hunting, hunting methods, hunting clubs and handling game. This hunting guide will teach you about the various ideals held by hunters, then you can decide how you would like to approach hunting.

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Why Many American Suburbs Welcome Urban Deer Hunters

Urban hunting might seem like an oxymoron but many cities and suburbs rely on hunters to keep the deer populations manageable. Here's how it works.

How Trophy Hunting Works

Trophy hunting is extremely polarizing. On one hand, proponents argue it's important for the survival of big game species and conservation of their lands. Opponents say that argument holds no merit. We explore both sides of this divisive issue.

How the NRA Works

The National Rifle Association focuses its considerable power on protecting the Second Amendment — the right to bear arms. But that was not their primary mission in their early years. So what changed?

How Taxidermy Works

Norman Bates of "Psycho" had an office full of dead animals mounted in frightening positions. How do taxidermists make dead creatures seem so lifelike?

How Hunting ATVs Work

An ATV can make a hunter's job a whole lot easier. And you can even buy one in camo to match your outfit.

How Wild Wilderness Works

You head to a nature preserve for some peaceful solitude only to find ATVs roaring all around and pavement where plants used to be. Wild Wilderness is working to combat the commercialization of natural wilderness areas.

How the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Works

Hunters and anglers often find themselves caught in the middle of endless battles between legislators, animal-rights groups and conservationists. The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance works to defend the rights of hunters, anglers and other sportsmen.

How the South Carolina Waterfowl Association Works

Much of South Carolina's natural waterfowl habitat has been lost, as have natural habitats all across the country. The SCWA has spent the past decades working to protect and restore local wetlands and rehabilitate lost habitats.

How to Choose a Hunting Knife

If you select carefully, you may luck into one lone knife that meets all of your hunting needs. But which to choose -- folding or fixed, carbon steel or stainless steel?

How Bowfishing Works

Are you an archery fanatic who can't get enough target practice or a hunter who longs for an extended hunting season? You just might find yourself interested in this nontraditional approach to catching fish.

How Hunting Blinds Work

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating to a hunter than being discovered by a target. One way to get an advantage over your prey is to use hunting blinds.

How Hunting Licenses Work

If you want to get through a hunting trip without a hefty fine or jail time, you have to be properly licensed to hunt. Read up here to find out what you need to do.

How Hunting with Dogs Works

Hunting is a controversial sport, and when you throw dogs into the mix the debate becomes even more heated. Is it unethical to hunt with dogs?

How Quail Unlimited Works

Bird populations are declining all over North America, and game birds are among the most threatened. Quail Unlimited works to restore the natural habitat of quail and allow the species to thrive.

How Selective Culling Works

Selective culling is population control by separating weak prey from the pack. Animals in the wild target the weak all the time, but things can get controversial when human hunters do.

How Subsistence Hunting Works

Most hunters hunt for sport or trophies, but subsistence hunters hunt to survive. It's not as common as it once was, obviously, but if you live in Alaska, subsistence hunting is still a way of life.

How the NWTF Works

With the help of the National Wild Turkey Federation, the wild turkey population in North America has exploded since the early 1970s. How do they do it?

How to Transport Harvested Game

One of the best parts of hunting is bringing your harvest home. But it can be a long journey from the woods to the wall, and there are things you need to know before you begin.

How Trapping Works

Animal trapping has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. But if you're about to go out trapping with a cardboard box and a stick, you might want to read up here and get some tips.

How Long-Range Hunting Works

Can you shoot a deer from more than a mile away? Why yes, yes you can. If you know how long-range hunting works, that is. Why do some people make a fuss about the sport?

How Pheasants Forever Works

Pheasants Forever is one of the largest conservation groups in North America and is dedicated to saving pheasant and other wildlife populations through habitat improvement and conservation efforts.

How Sport Hunting Works

Hunting purely for sport has long been controversial. Hunters believe they're helping to control a species' population size, while those who oppose the sport feel hunting for recreational purposes -- and a big trophy -- is inappropriate.

How do you mask your scent while you hunt?

A deer's nose is extremely sensitive, and the better it can smell you, the less likely you are to get a shot at it. What can you do to cover up your human scent?

Does deer hunting reduce car accidents?

Deer jumping across the road can be serious hazards for drivers. So what's the best way to prevent it from happening? Should more people go hunting?

How Party Hunting Works

Just about everything is more fun when done in a group. So it seems like group hunting or fishing is a no-brainer. However, a specific type of group hunting, called party hunting, is very controversial -- and is even illegal in some states.