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Whether we're in the kitchen or bonding with Mother Nature for a weekend, everyone needs to eat. Although some opt for easy snacks and instant foods, it's possible to bring lightweight, easy-to-carry cookware along with on camping trips.

Thousands of unexpected encounters between people and wild bears occur each year, but these interactions don't have to result in injuries for either species. What types of gear can help protect you if you find yourself in bear country?

This outdoor endurance event challenges you to lug a tree stump up hills, rescue a bag of Legos from the bottom of a pond and recite from memory a list of U.S. presidents. That is, if you don't die first.

It's crazy the way a GPS receiver knows where you are, even when you don't. How can you get this godlike little gadget to lead you to your destination?

Nothing is more irksome on an otherwise pleasant summer evening than mosquitoes nipping at your legs. What five ways can you keep these pesky insects at bay?

Sheep wear the stuff all the time, and they seem to keep pretty cozy and dry. What is it about wool that keeps you dry in the rain, cool in the heat and warm in the cold?

The GPS gadget is so awesome, it'll make you want to chuck your compass and map. But should you? Which device is really your best friend in the forest?

If you don't know what all the lines and symbols mean, trying to read a topographic map is like trying to read a foreign language. Not a good feeling when you're lost.

You're standing in a cool mountain stream, and the water looks so delicious. Should you cup your hand and pour your mouth a drink? Nope. Why?

If you slather your entire body with insect repellent that reads "100 percent DEET" on the label, are you doing yourself harm? How much DEET do you really need to repel bugs?

Your skis can be made into deck material. Your climbing rope can transform into clothes hangers. Your shoes can surface a playground. What else could your gear become in its second life?

It may seem like an easy task, but a backpack packed inefficiently will give you headache on the trail. How can you organize your pack to make it work for you in the woods?

It's late at night, you're lying in your tent, and all you can think about are the many reasons a bear might plod into your campsite to eat you. We'll share ten of them with you.

Backpacking immerses you in nature's magnificence, with one minor stipulation: Carry everything you need to survive -- food, water, shelter -- on your back. Can you bear that load?

Our homes are so cozy and temperature controlled. But there's nothing quite like sleeping under a starry sky. The smell of clean air, a warm open fire. Let's go camping.

It's difficult to enjoy the carefree outdoors when you're piggy-backing one-third of your own body weight. Ultralighters pare down their loads to the bare essentials. What's the trick to packing light?

The Boy Scouts was founded based on concerns that city-dwelling kids would lose touch with nature. The camping and hiking focus has never faltered. What else hasn't changed in the scouts?

What started out as a small troop of girls in Savannah, Ga., has developed into an international phenomenon. Who is today's Girl Scout and what would we do without her Thin Mints?

Mosquitoes are a drag. So's rubbing oily, stinky insect repellent all over your body and inhaling poisonous DEET. What if your odor-free clothes did the repelling for you?

Remember the thrill of discovering that one-of-a-kind rock in the sandbox when you were a child? Gem hunting provides that same excitement, except these treasures may be worth thousands.

Learn how to hike to stay fit and commune with nature. A day-long hike up and down hills burns as much energy as running a marathon. This article has tips on preparing for a hike, including what to wear, what to pack, and more.

More than 150 years ago, an Englishman in Dartmoor inadvertently inspired a hobby that today has thousands of people playing along: letterboxing. Learn all about letterboxing.

Thousands of people around the world use their GPS receivers to geocache, or seek out treasures hidden by other players while exploring interesting locations. Explore the history of geocaching and learn how to find and place geocaches of your own.

Prepare for your next camping trip by learning how to make and repair camping equipment. This article gives tips for repairing a tent making a tarp and resoling hiking boots. Helpful illustrations are included.

Long before GPS satellites and other high-tech navigational aids, people used the Earth's natural magnetism to navigate the unknown. Learn how a compass works and how to create your own!