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5 Tips for Getting Organized for a Camping Trip

You love camping, but if you're a novice, organizing your gear can be more grueling than the actual act of "roughing it." Here are some tips to help you get organized.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Family Camping Site

You've done everything right: You researched camping equipment and bought supplies, and packed up everything you need for a perfect camping trip. But if you don't pick the perfect camping site, your trip could be over before it starts.

5 Tips for Preparing a Solo Camping Trip

There's a huge difference between loneliness and being alone. A solo camping trip can be rejuvenating, but how can you make sure it'll be safe, too?

5 Cooking Tools for Camping

Sure, you could munch on energy bars all journey long, but nothing beats a hot meal after a tough day on the trail. What tools do you need to cook it?

5 Ways to Prepare for a Long Hike

Hiking a long trail like the Appalachian takes stamina and strength. We'll tell you how you can get fit and prepared to take on the trails.

5 Tips for Preparing a Site for Camping

Want to reconnect with nature on a camping trip? Well you better know how to set up a campsite 'cuz things tend to get wild after the sun goes down.

5 Gadgets for Campers Who Can’t Unplug

Ready to go camping but you hate to unplug? Don't worry -- you don't have to, and we've got a handful of gadgets to help make the most of your time in the wild.

5 Camping Gadgets for Serious Internet Addicts

You're headed camping, and you're armed with the essentials: a tent, some munchies and your laptop. Wait, laptop?! For Internet-obsessed campers who want to have their wilderness experience (and surf the net), we've got 5 related gadget suggestions.

How to Keep a Bear Out of Your Tent While Camping

If you're going camping, you need to know how to keep a bear out of your tent. Learn about how to keep a bear out of your tent while camping in this article.

10 Family Camping Hotspots

If your family is the type to hit the open road with a tent and backpack full of trail mix, you'll love this list of 10 gorgeous camping destinations. Head out West for amazing sights and experiences. We'll help you plan your trip.

Top 5 Family Camping Tips

Camping with your children isn't anything like striking out solo into a canyon, mountain range or forest with just your backpack and your wits. You've got to think about their safety and abilities, plus meet their most basic needs.

Top 5 Roof Rack Safety Tips

Roof racks can give travelers some much needed space on their long road trips. But if you install a roof rack incorrectly or pack it too tightly, you’ll be chasing your unmentionables down the highway.

How to Tie Fishing Rods to a Roof Rack

Fishermen are very serious about their craft, and they keep their gear in top condition. Whether they carry one rod or 20, getting their tools to their choice of fishing spot can take some maneuvering. You can just tie your rod to your roof and be off.

Top 5 Tips for Green Family Camping

Family camping is a rite of passage for many young children and has been for decades. In order for future generations to enjoy this bonding pastime, today's campers need to care for their surroundings -- by going green.

5 Tips for Buying Family Camping Tents

Buying a family camping tent is like buying a vehicle in that your family's needs and wants are paramount. What would make them comfortable and happy? That's one of many things you should think about as you shop. Here are four more.

10 Tips for Family Camping Meals

Everyone loves exploring the great outdoors … until hunger strikes. Nothing puts a damper on camping quite like a sad supper of beanie-weenies. Here's everything you need to know about packing, prepping and plating food for mealtime in the great outdoors.

10 Family Camping Activities

While part of the appeal of camping is "getting away from it all," that doesn't mean not planning any activities for your family to do together. If you're stuck for ways to keep them entertained, we've got some high-tech and low-tech pleasers.

5 Family Camping Games

Ah, camping -- a chance to get out into nature and away from the toils of everyday life. But in today's tech-heavy world, have we forgotten how to occupy ourselves without the aid of gaming devices and television?

What's the most important camping gear for families?

A camping trip gets a lot more complicated when you add children to the mix. But it can be more fun, too, if you're prepared. Here's your must-have gear for a family excursion into the outdoors.

Family Camping Checklist

Camping is a great way for children to learn all kinds of things, big or small, about nature. It's also a great way for families to learn about each other. Use our checklist to ensure that nothing's forgotten on your great adventure.

How to Plan a Family Camp

Earbuds, overtime and after-school activities tend to get in the way of family bonding. Can you reclaim it with a well-planned family camp?

5 Tips for Family Camping with the Dog

If you decide to take the family dog along on your next camping trip, you'll need to prepare a bit before the canine fun begins. What essentials will your dog need, and what kind of prep work is crucial on your end of the leash?

How Camping Showers Work

Scenic views, glimpses of rare wildlife and good times around the campfire make camping worthwhile. But if there's one downside that a lot of us nature lovers could do without, it's the difficulty and hassle of trying to take a shower without the wonderful amenities of modern society.

How Camping Toilets Work

The one really awkward thing about camping in the woods is that there aren't any restrooms. But guess what? You can bring along your own toilet!

Top 10 Camping Tips

Campers turn to the wilderness to escape from the stressors of everyday life. But camping requires more thought than pulling on a pair of boots and wandering into the woods. These tips will help you prepare.