How to Tie Fishing Rods to a Roof Rack

Tips for Tying Fishing Rods to a Roof Rack

If you don't mind spending some money on the transport of your rod and reel, then you can always go out and purchase a roof rack or rear vehicle rack specifically made for fishing rods. There are wide, two-piece racks that are magnetized to stick tightly to your roof. The foam padding on the inside clamps down on the rods and allows you safely transport as many as eight to 10 poles. There are smaller versions that hold up to three rods vertically. They also use a magnet and foam, but are stuck to the rear of your vehicle, making them better suited for SUVs. They range in price, but count on about 10 bucks for each rod they hold.

If you don't want to drop any more cash, you can tie the rods to your built-in roof rack on your own. In either case, it's important to remove your artificial lures. They can get beat up in the wind and even fly off if they aren't tied on correctly. If it's just a hook, it's probably OK to keep it on and attach it to one of the rod eyeholes. If not, remove the lure and secure the end of your fishing line to an eyehole. If you have more than one rod, bundle them together tightly below the reel with a small bungee. Face the handle end forward and place it on the side of the rack. Then use two bungees to secure the rod bundle to the roof rack, one for the front and one for the rear. Make sure they're tight, without bending the rods. If you feel good about your knot-tying skills, you can substitute rope or cord for the bungee. If there's any doubt, then just go with the bungee, and you'll be out on the lake in no time.

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