How to Tie Fishing Rods to a Roof Rack

Image Gallery: Salmon Fishing Don't ruin your fishing adventure by destroying your fishing rods. See pictures of salmon fishing.

Packing up the old tackle box for a fishing trip is something any angler looks forward to. Whether you're into lakes and rivers or you like to brave the salty waters of the ocean, fishermen take a lot of pride in caring for their gear. A fishing rod only works right if it remains straight and strong. Any bends or cracks in the rod impact the integrity of the pole, and when you least expect it, it could break under the pressure of hauling in a nicely sized fish. That's why it's important for you to take good care of your rods when you're transporting them from home to your preferred body of water.

Some rod and reel packages are easy to break down and can be stored in cases small enough to toss in your backseat. Fly rods and deep sea fishing rods are longer, and you may not want to bother with breaking them down for a short trip. A lot of times, it's easier to leave everything in one piece so you can hop out and get right to the fishing. If you're interested in tying your rods to your car, truck or SUV roof, then read on. Hang that "Gone Fishin'" sign in your store window, and read on for tips to ensure that your rod and reel stay in perfect shape.