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In addition to your tent and sleeping bag, bring along your kayak and bike for your camping adventure.
In addition to your tent and sleeping bag, bring along your kayak and bike for your camping adventure.
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Now that you've set up your camp, it's time to have some fun. Outdoor activities like canoeing, hiking, fishing, cycling, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking, skiing or rock climbing will round out your camping experience.

But before you set off on an outdoor adventure, make sure that your camp is completely set up before nightfall. The best time to make camp is shortly after you arrive. In case the weather suddenly changes, you'll want to have your sleeping bag unpacked and tent assembled. And be sure to return from your hike or fishing excursion before nightfall so that you're safe and sound before it gets dark.

Many people choose to hike while they camp. For a light hike, take a walk around a park or your campsite. If you're up for more of an adventure, take a lengthier and more rigorous hike on a nearby mountain. Many parks offer trails with differing ranges of difficulty and length. When choosing a hike, consider the difficulty of the trail and its safety. Particularly if you're new to hiking, you should choose a well-maintained trail manned by a staff that monitors safety and security. Hiking offers a great way to survey the wilderness and see more beautiful scenic sites.

Biking is also a good way to get around while you camp. Make sure to verify beforehand whether biking is allowed on the trails near your camp. Many national parks only allow cycling on paved and dirt roads, but some campsites also offer special trails just for bikes.

If your campsite is near water, try a white-water rafting adventure. If you want a more relaxing excursion, opt for canoeing or kayaking on a nearby lake instead -- a great way to explore scenic areas that aren't frequented by traffic or lots of pedestrians. If you camp in the winter months, skiing or snowboarding are also options.

What to do around the campfire at night? Play board games, charades or your guitar. But whatever you do, have fun. After all, camping is the perfect way to set aside the hustle and bustle of modern living to spend quality time with family and friends in a scenic outdoor setting.

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